• Tailor-made apartments

  • Classy and varied architectural solutions by an Ybl prize-winning architect

  • AA rating – almost zero power demend

  • Huge glass surfaces

  • Spacious terraces with private storage rooms

  • Ceiling heating and cooling with environmentally friendly air source heat pumps

  • Optional coverings, interior doors, sanitary fittings and switches

  • First-class, 3-layer, insulated and soundproof plastic doors and windows

  • Parking garage

  • Storage rooms in the basement

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The technical content of the flats

Flat entrance doors
The entrance doors to the flats are equipped with a door viewer and a multi-point security lock, are acoustically sized and MABISZ certified.

Internal doors
The internal doors are flush doors with retrofit door frames, have a nominal height of 210 cm and a hollow chipboard or cardboard core, and are either laminated or covered with an adhesive film.

The bathrooms and lavatories will be tiled with first-class wall tiles, from the selection offered by the Developer. Hallways, kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, lavatories, household rooms and certain corridors will be paved with first-class ceramic floor tiles, from the selection offered by the Developer.
The balconies are tiled with first-class non-slip antifreeze ceramic, gres or stone porcelain tiles.
The residential rooms and certain corridors within the flats are paved with first-class laminated flooring. Rooms with low heat-absorption flooring are paved with first-class solid hardwood flooring, from the selection offered by the Developer.

Surface finishes
In the flats, the walls will be plastered (in the case of masonry structures), spackled (reinforced concrete structures and on plaster) and painted with white dispersion paint – in a waterproof version in the bathrooms.

Water installations and sanitary fittings
In every flat, a water supply and sewer connection point will be established through a combined valve at the sink for the washing machine in the bathroom (or any other room indicated in the design, e.g. the household room) and the dishwasher in the kitchen. The wall-mounted toilets will have concealed tanks and dual flush plates. No floor drain will be installed in the flat bathrooms.

The flats are delivered without kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances. The mechanical and electrical connections in the kitchen will be set up in accordance with the standard arrangement indicated on the merged customer management floor plan handed over in the course of the consultation carried out with the customer.

Heating and cooling
Within the flats, a ceiling heating and cooling system will be installed in the living rooms, the dining rooms and the bedrooms. Heating for the bathrooms will be provided by electric towel drying radiators. Due to the orientation of the flats and the high proportion of glass surfaces, in certain cases, depending on the heating design, an ancillary surface heating or cooling system or ancillary heat emitters may also be built into other structural elements of the building (e.g. walls or floors) in order to ensure that the heating and cooling needs of residents are met.

The temperature can be regulated with room thermostats (in the living rooms and bedrooms). Within the building, only the heating or the cooling can be regulated at a time. Switches between the heating and cooling modes will be controlled centrally.

The flats will be equipped with modern and streamlined electrical fittings. The lighting apparatus for the flats is not included in the standard equipment. Every residential room will have a hub-and-spoke TV connector, as well as a telephone/internet connector.
Protective tubing (without wiring) will be set up for the alarm system, which will operate with an open sensor at the flat entrance door and motion sensors in rooms with balconies, with preparation for the installation of a central operating unit.

Smart home system

The flats in Westside Residence are Smart Home Ready (prepared with tubing without fittings and wiring to a central location). The standard smart home preparation allows for the subsequent integration of one ceiling light and one smart socket for each room, as well as the ceiling heating and cooling system into a smart home system.

The establishment of a smart home system can be requested without modification of the standard smart home preparation.

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