Exceptional quality, countless opportunities

The homes in Westside Residence are of the usual exceptional quality, built using excellent materials and diverse layouts. The smart home ready flats with floor spaces ranging from 30 to 108 m2 all have terraces; however, residents can also enjoy the comfort of the inner gardens.

Café with co-working space

The café and co-working space provide a great opportunity for the residents to create and relax, as well as exchange experiences.

Smart home ready flats

Preparation of remote access to the flats’ heating and cooling systems, as well as the preparation of a smart outlet, and a smart lamp.

Cleaning services

The cleaning services are available to the residents as needed.

Community tool shed

The residents will have the opportunity to rent tools from a central location.

Flats with terraces

Inner garden

Sitting on the benches in the spacious inner garden, the residents can rest, read and relax safely.

Diverse layouts

Ceiling heating and cooling system

Indoor garage

Available with the option of an EV charging station.

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