Cookie Policy

In order to ensure personalized service, BN Ltd. leaves a small data package (so-called “cookie”) on the computers or mobile phones of visitors viewing the website (hereinafter: the Website). The aim of the cookie is to ensure the best possible operation of the Website, personalized service, and an enhanced user experience.

Website visitors can delete cookies from their computer, and they can modify browser settings to block the use of cookies. If you require more information, please visit By blocking the use of cookies, the visitor acknowledges that the operation of the given site is not optimal.

Information stored by cookies will never be used by BN Ltd. to identify Website visitors.

The Website uses the following cookies:

  • Session cookie (SESSIONID) – Aim: to support certain functions of the Website in connection with the user session.
  • Google Analytics cookies (starting with _ga) – Aim: to provide anonymous, aggregated information on user activity on the Website.
  • BN Ltd. tracks the activity on specific pages through remarketing tags so that it can provide targeted marketing messages for visitors to these pages.
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