Why choose
Westside Residence?

A great investment opportunity

The flats of Westside Residence not only serve as comfortable homes to their owners but also as a great investment. This is guaranteed by the dynamically developing neighbourhood, the 13th district, the excellent transportation and service infrastructure and the previously announced Central Park project, planned to be built opposite the Westside Residence, currently in the design stage. This special development of over 9 hectares will create an intelligent urban environment in the heart of Budapest, where flats, offices and shops are surrounded by a contiguous park system.

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Near the city centre

Significant potential for an increase in value

Favourable payment schedule

Reliable developer

5% VAT content

Environmentally friendly solutions

Westside Residence

Homes for people with a dynamic lifestyle

Westside Residence is located in a popular part of the 13th district, one of Budapest’s fastest developing districts of, in the area surrounded by Szabolcs utca and Bulcsú utca; it is close to Margit-sziget, the office corridor on Váci út and the city centre. This housing complex, which will form part of a city quarter being fundamentally rebuilt, is made even more attractive by the Central Park, which is to be implemented opposite the project on the WestEnd 2 parcel, and its excellent transport facilities.

Ferdinánd district

A new quarter is being born

Ferdinánd district is located in the dynamically developing 13th district, in the area surrounded by Dózsa György út, Lehel utca and the Ferdinánd Bridge. The neighbourhood awaits new residents with excellent infrastructure, shops including the WestEnd City Center and the Lehel tér market, services, kindergartens and schools. People looking for active relaxation can reach Városliget (City Park) and Margit-sziget within a few minutes.

Size from
30 m2 to 108 m2


Shops on the ground floor

Exceptional quality,
countless opportunities

The homes in Westside Residence are of the usual exceptional quality, built using excellent materials and diverse layouts. The smart home ready flats with floor spaces ranging from 30 to 108 m2 all have terraces; however, residents can also enjoy the comfort of the inner gardens.

Smart home ready flats

Inner garden

Flats with terraces

Indoor garage

Ceiling heating and cooling system

AA rating – almost zero power demend

Cleaning services

Community tool shed

Café with co-working space

2 min.
Lehel Tér piac
Lehel Tér piac
3 min.
5 min.
13 min.


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